Commercial and Office Moves and Relocation

A. Santini Moving & Storage will provide a one stop shopping, turn key solution for your office and industrial relocation needs. A. Santini provides all services necessary to ensure a smooth transition of employees and equipment in the least invasive manner.

Our highly trained specialized relocation consultants will meet with your organization early on to ensure all of your relocation requirements have been addressed with the highest level of quality and detail.

A. Santini’s Approach to Organized Relocation:

Develop a complete move plan based upon detailed inventory and analysis of the needs of the business as well as the individual locations. This will result in a master schedule, listing all aspects pertaining to preparation, packing relocation, unpacking, and reinstallation of all equipment.

Interview key personnel to determine the exact inventory of each site and business unit. The contents will be entered into a database and serve as the source of all planning decisions.

Coordinate a plan with architects and engineers to ensure that building issues such as elevator, gases, water treatment, specialized energy, backup electric, alarms, construction etc. are planned and scheduled.

Plan an effective communication policy that will interface key personnel as a group and by individual site locations. This insures that issues specific to their sites are addressed and sensitively handled.

All equipment needing service is listed and outside vendors are notified. Schedule the de-installation, re-installation, and calibration for each piece of equipment.

Review with corporate safety to develop complete plan compliant with corporate and government regulations handling chemical, biological and radiation materials.

Plan a purge program to eliminate excess or old items consistent with record retention and/or disposal policies specific to your business.

Employee and Private Relocation

When your company moves, your employees might have to move as well. A. Santini Moving & Storage is equipped to handle the relocation of your employees to their new home wherever it might be. The same care and dedication that we put into large corporate relocations goes into private relocation as well. We believe that their personal belongings are every bit as important as your company's. Your employee's satisfaction results in our satisfaction.


•Truckload blanket wrap services

•Trade show services

•Product returns/field exchanges

•White glove

•Home delivery services

•Asset Recovery

•Retail Store Support

•Project Logistics Management

•Office furniture relocation with breakdown and setup

•Specialized transportation for delicate office IT equipment

•Security Assurance for sensitive moves

•Purging, packaging, and unpacking

•Tailored tagging and labeling information for each employee, post move clean up and review

•Regular and climate controlled storage

•24 hour response to any commercial relocation

•Immediate response to emergency moves

•Building clean out including disposal of unwanted furniture, recycle disposal with weight ticket and check for recyclable funds.

•Broom sweep the space so the facility can be immediately turned over to the landlord

Building Protection

A. Santini Moving & Storage Company will protect whatever you require. We will protect without direction by the following:

In all buildings, all major walkways and corridors, including entrance and exit points, and any doorways or particular areas will also be protected.

The material used will be as follows:

•Floors will be protected by taped masonite.

•Walls will be protected by corrugated cardboard.

•Corners and doorways will be protected by corner protectors.

•Furniture will be padded.

If you require additional protection of special consideration, A. Santini Moving & Storage Company will follow requests completely.


All of our employees are reminded prior to each of our relocations as to the importance which stands before them. Our employee guidelines require courteous manners and respect at all times. It is also important for us to review any additional customer rules prior to each relocation.


All A. Santini Moving & Storage Company employees will be in uniform with “STI” printed on the front of the shirt and “A. Santini Commercial Movers” printed on the back of the shirt, so that all employees can be recognized at all times.

All supervisors will be wearing burgundy shirts with their individual names marked to identify the supervisors from the movers.

Drug Testing

A. Santini Moving & Storage Company has gone one step further. Our full time labor is now included in our drug testing program. This program is enforced with random testing for all employees. All vehicle drivers are on a mandatory drug testing program regulated by the Department of Transportation.


All A. Santini Moving & Storage Co. employees can be bonded at any time as per the request of the customer.