A. Santini Moving & Storage has been delivering high-value products for many years. Experience in today’s global economy is a functional asset when optimizing supply chain solutions. That same experience has provided us the insight to provide superior service, excellent customer care, and technology-driven solutions.

We understand how much your shipment means to you and getting it to your destination is our number one priority. Whether it is a small personal item, a master-piece of art, or a sophisticated multimillion dollar precision machine, every item is treated with the ut most respect and white glove attention.

Computer and Telecommunication Exhibits

Information Technology and electronics are delicate and susceptible to damage that other equipment and machines may not be. A. Santini Moving & Storage understands the unique needs of such equipment and have adapted our robust handling and moving processes to account for this. Electronics requiring electrostatic sensitive handling are done so in accordance with industry best practices to ensure that no component has been inadvertently energized. Our specialized relocation personnel can be outfitted with the proper grounding gear when necessary.

Displays and Exhibits

If your business frequently attends trade shows, then your displays and exhibits are a critical part of your business and having them there on time, undamaged, and set up properly is crucial. Having A. Santini Moving & Storage provide the logistics for getting your assets to where they need to be is a smart business decision. This will leave more time for you to polish your strategy and expand your client base rapidly.

A. Santini Moving & Storage will tend to your needs and the unique needs of your displays and exhibits no matter how delicate, how large, or how sensitive.


All of our employees are reminded prior to each of our relocations as to the importance which stands before them. Our employee guidelines require courteous manners and respect at all times. It is also important for us to review any additional customer rules prior to each relocation.


All A. Santini Moving & Storage Company employees will be in uniform with “STI” printed on the front of the shirt and “A. Santini Commercial Movers” printed on the back of the shirt, so that all employees can be recognized at all times.

All supervisors will be wearing burgundy shirts with their individual names marked to identify the supervisors from the movers.

Drug Testing

A. Santini Moving & Storage Company has gone one step further. Our full time labor is now included in our drug testing program. This program is enforced with random testing for all employees. All vehicle drivers are on a mandatory drug testing program regulated by the Department of Transportation.


All A. Santini Moving & Storage Co. employees can be bonded at any time as per the request of the customer.