Laboratory Relocations

Equipment and machines for the medical and diagnostics industry can be the most sensitive and logistically demanding of all. Often this equipment is very expensive and one of a kind. Additionally, the calibration of this equipment is excruciatingly precise and ultra-susceptible to damage from movement, vibrations, and shock.

A. Santini specializes in medical and diagnostic logistics, with some of the world’s largest medical and pharmaceutical companies listed as our major moves. We know what you need and how to do it. Our detailed process and procedures throughout the lifecycle of a move are what we pride ourselves on and that foundation ensures that your high valued equipment get relocated on time, accurately, and undamaged.

At A. Santini Moving & Storage Company, our trucks are air ride equipped which enables us to transport your highly sensitive medical and diagnostic equipment between sites with care and ease.

A dedicated staff member familiar with procedures and policies is assigned to all commercial and office moves. We will be a primary vendor that will make you our top customer. We will provide your staff members with key phone numbers so that we can respond immediately to all your needs.


All of our employees are reminded prior to each of our relocations as to the importance which stands before them. Our employee guidelines require courteous manners and respect at all times. It is also important for us to review any additional customer rules prior to each relocation.


All A. Santini Moving & Storage Company employees will be in uniform with “STI” printed on the front of the shirt and “A. Santini Commercial Movers” printed on the back of the shirt, so that all employees can be recognized at all times.

All supervisors will be wearing burgundy shirts with their individual names marked to identify the supervisors from the movers.

Drug Testing

A. Santini Moving & Storage Company has gone one step further. Our full time labor is now included in our drug testing program. This program is enforced with random testing for all employees. All vehicle drivers are on a mandatory drug testing program regulated by the Department of Transportation.


All A. Santini Moving & Storage Co. employees can be bonded at any time as per the request of the customer.