Our Facilities

Roseland, New Jersey

Main Office Located at: One Steel Court

75,000 Square Foot Warehouse

Computerized Inventory

Owned By Principals

Monroe, New Jersey

High Value Products Distribution Center

Located at: 6 Fitzgerald Avenue

103,000 Square Foot Warehouse

Leased from real estate partner


Warehouses are available to provide a climate controlled solution. If your item needs to be in a location with a regulated temperature or humidity, A. Santini Moving & Storage can meet your needs. Our climate-controlled warehouse provides a regulated atmosphere 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

Physical Security

A. Santini Moving & Storage’s warehouse and distribution center locations provide multiple layers of physical security to ensure that your shipment or storage item is safe around the clock 365 days a year.

A combination of physical security and advanced digital surveillance with motion detection capabilities are equipped at every warehouse. These systems are continually monitored for abnormal activity. Multiple weeks of recorded images and video are retained to ensure accountability in the event of an incident.

A comprehensive physical security system is employed at both locations including a state of the art alarm system to detect any unauthorized access. In the event of an unauthorized incident, alerts are sent in real time to the authorities and key personnel so that an almost real time response is provided.

Warehouse Management

A. Santini’s multiple warehouses and distribution centers are staffed with a seasoned warehouse specialist with over 20 years' experience in managing large high volume facilities such as ours.

Management of your assets is a competency that A. Santini prides itself on and our experienced and highly trained managers ensure that is done efficiently and accurately by taking industry best practices and applying them in a multifaceted manner to produce the most dynamic and specialized service for you.

Inventory Control

A newly developed Inventory Control system has just recently been employed at A. Santini Moving & Storage. This system was developed from scratch to make sure that our customer’s unique requirements were captured accurately and fulfilled.

Cutting edge technology was incorporated into our inventory control system and as a result all of our inventory management has been digitized to provide a fast and ultra-efficient and accurate solution for our customers.

All of our inventory items incorporate either a 2D barcode or Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology for efficient check-in/checkout and location identification control. Mobile computers are utilized by our warehouse staff so information is immediately digitized reducing the opportunity for error.