If your company needs a comprehensive solution to meet the needs of your complex product distribution requirements, then let A. Santini Moving & Storage leverage its decades of experience and partnerships with Specialized Transportation Incorporated to provide you with an efficient, cost effective, and streamlined solution.

Heavy Lifting

A. Santini Moving & Storage will utilize our large warehouses to store your product in a safe, secure, and clean environment. Santini will then handle the “heavy lifting” for you by proving Order, Delivery, Cost, and Quality fulfillment services with our trained and qualified staff.

Distribution Centers

Through Santini’s network of partnered STI distribution centers (DC) strategically located throughout the country, we can provide you with a distribution solution for almost any type of product delivery scenario you might require. Our DCs are located in close proximity to major transportation routes and terminals to provide services ranging from consolidation, warehousing, packaging, decomposition and any other functions that might be required for handling your freight.

Let our distribution centers act as a buffer between your producers and retailers by taking receipt of individual components and having Santini’s skilled workforce can provide an assembly service before the final product is shipped in bulk to your individual retailers.

Santini multidisciplinary cross-docking distribution centers institutionalize the timely distribution of freight, and a better synchronization with the demand where our centers can act as a high throughput sorting facility. Minimal time and money is caught up in idle inventory as inbound supply flows are directly transferred to outbound customer flows with little, if any, warehousing. Santini’s cross-docking infrastructure can handle receiving product from multiple suppliers then sorting them according to outbound criteria and consolidating the logistics for delivery to customer while achieving economies of scale.